Friday, January 20, 2012

MAM= Meals At Mom's

I think I have posted before about our MAM sessions. If not, we gather as a family once a month just to get together and catch up on everyone and their news. At these gatherings we share a meal,play games,visit and do some kind of project. So for our November MAM we made snowmen jars. A very simple to make Christmas decoration for everyone.

The jar was really one half of a salt and pepper set.We removed the shaker top and replaced it with a paper clay head that was prepared a day ahead so it could air dry. Eyes and mouth were small carpet tacks pushed into the paper clay before it dried. Same application for the wooden toothpick nose-painted orange to appear to be a carrot. Paint the head with white glue and cover in glitter. Be sure to leave the eyes and mouth untouched with glue or glitter. They will look like coal once the glitter is on the snowman's head. We then decorated our snowmen with top hats and scarves. Left to dry while we filled our snowmen's bellies with beads, buttons, pearls and small ice cubes(fake of course). Last step is to glue on the head. Let it dry and admire the work.

Every snowman was unique and simply fantastic! Here are a few of our MAM project snowmen.

These snowmen appear to have eaten their Bling and Sparkle.

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