Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trying New Things

My new thing to try ,along with Tammy and Freddie, is new blog design. Let's hope this works out. I know, with our Techie Chick friend Tammy, Freddie and I will come out of this in pretty good shape. Not so sure that will be the case for Tammy.

You know that old saying about " teaching old dogs new tricks"? This just may be a new trick for Tammy to teach this "Old Dog" a new trick. In Freddie's case " Young Dawg". But in any case on goes the thinking cap and knowledge will fill the empty spaces of my mind.

Empty spaces of my mind? That sounds like lyrics from on old hippie song. Maybe I should dust off my Peace Sign necklace and bring that with me to this "mind opening experience"? Groovy  man. Mind altering stuff is cool. Far out Dude! I dig mind altering stuff. Yea......mind....altering......far....out.

Sorry ...I think I just had a flash back episode. Cheech and Chong just went through my mind also. Fringe and flowers in wreaths on heads. Incense. Beads. Man the whole freaky episode of days gone by I think I may need to get some fresh air before this learning experience starts. I need a new frame of mind..

Mind frame...mind altering....empty spaces in my mind ? I think I need a drink before I begin altering my mind. Wait a minute .......... a drink also alters my mind.  I may be falling into a Mind Altering Black Hole. Some one throw me a line. Or maybe an anchor to stabilize myself.

Oh to Blogging School I go.            

 Blog on Brothers and Sisters....................................Far Out.    PEACE !

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