Monday, March 21, 2011

What Are Words?

Have you heard this song from Chris Medina?  "What Are Words?".  Beautiful song from a loving heart to his love. Do you have someone in your life that inspire words like this?  If so - you are very lucky.

     Anywhere you are I am near .
     Anywhere you go I'll be there.
     Anytime you whisper my name you'll see.
     Every single promise I'll keep.
     Cause what kind of guy would I be
          if I was to leave when you need me most?
     What are words if you really don't mean them when you say them?
     What are words if they are only for good times and that's all?
     When it's love, yeah you say them out loud- those words they never go away.
     They live on -even when we're gone.---- (do you truly know what that feels like, to have someone who cares that much ?)

 How many times do we say words we really don't mean? Words used in anger. Words used to get what we want. Words we use because we think that is what is expected from us. Words we don't even hear ourselves saying. Words that have no part of truth to them. Words-not a big thing. But oh so powerful.

                     I love you.
                     I hate you.
                     I'll never hurt you.
                     I'll never forgive you.
                     You are so important to me.
                     You are so needed.
                     You will be missed.
                     I never said that about you.
                     I'll support you.
                     I'll never treat you that way.
                     No -you look fabulous.
                     You have such a pretty face.
                     Yes I respect you.
                     I was just going to call you.
                     The check is in the mail.

Get my meaning? Words are so easy to flow out of us. All of them have some truth as we are saying them. They just don't always have much weight to carry through with the idea. We always mean well or have good intentions.We never meant to hurt anyone. We weren't thinking. We just let it slip out.Words are such powerful tools that cause feelings of love ,happiness ,sadness ,joy , fear , pain ,comfort.
Words can ruin or repair.
Words can build or destroy.
Words can make you laugh or cry.
Words are powerful.

We are in a world and time where the truth or other's feelings come second to our own needs. Where the consequence of what we say have no boundary to what we want . We just say whatever gets us to our desires.Of all the things that come out. All the things that are so easy to say- I AM SORRY -is so very difficult. But so needed for the giver and reciever.

 Do you remember when a man's word was enough to believe in? If it was said it was to be. A handshake was all it took to understand a promise was made and the deed would be carried out. I believe if you say it -you should mean it. Some things should be said without rewards. Excuse me. Please. Thank you. May I help you? Let me get that for you. If you need a reward--it should be the peace,joy,or comfort you bring to others. Your real reward will come to you later. The words I love you and need you are so simple to say but produce such a bountiful fruit. I am sorry carries with it such redemption. What better reward could you wish for?

I remember as a child being told to think before you speak. True for everyone. If we all think before we speake fewer hurts would come from the words we say. So what are words if you really don't mean them? I will try ,always, to think before I speak and say only what I really mean.

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