Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here I Go Again

Here I go again ,riding that weight loss train. Talk about a mountainous journey! Up and down these hills of what to eat ,what not to eat and will I ever get to eat again? Food that is. Anything with any taste? Man how easy it is to get to the other side of the Fat Mountain Range and not remember the trip over. Just one day you look at your reflection and it is not the "You" you remember. Or maybe you remember every step of the way, but ate the bread crumbs that would lead you back to you skinnier self. Anyway here I go again. The first day of my ride back to the Slimmer Slopes. Wish me luck and come back to check on my progress.
 My Bling and Sparkles come in the form of reducing digits on the scales.

  All aboard this train of greens and greens. Oh! and water!   Yummm..........{;^) 

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