Friday, January 21, 2011

Sherlock Holmes Where areYou?

   This is the case of the missing Christmas Stuff. It was last reported to be in the possession of myself. I'm pretty sure something has been added to my drink that has caused a lack of memory as to the whereabouts of The Christmas Stuff. I distinctly remember the items in question. It gets a little fuzzy when it comes to where I last saw them.
   Where is Sherlock and his deductive reasoning? I need  professional help to locate The Christmas Stuff. There could be some unpleasant consequences if The Christmas Stuff is not located. Unpleasant for me, the assumed last witness to The Christmas Stuff, unpleasant to the family members in need of The Christmas Stuff. Oh! woe is me if The Christmas Stuff is not found.
   Alice had a drink to help her shrink or grow on her journey through Wonderland. Do you think there is a concoction to regain memory? I know several concoctions that cause memory loss and I'm almost certain that is what has happened here. I've been slipped a "micky" that has caused my memory of The Christmas Stuff to vanish.
   I'm guessing by now you would like to know exactly what is The Christmas Stuff? Well let me say first it is most important I locate The Christmas Stuff. The treasured items once belonged to my mother-in-law. Yep, my MOTHER-IN-LAW. My sisters-in-law are wanting The Christmas Stuff that once belonged to their mother. Yep, my SISTERS-IN-LAW. Can you now imagine the unpleasant consequences?  These treasures consist of patterns (which I have located), beads, sequins ,etc. that were used to make handmade Christmas stockings. My mother-in-law made these stockings for family, friends and to sell at church bazaars. You now see my dilemma ? This is a family tradition that another generation has picked of the task to carry on. Okay ! now I'm getting a little scared ---where is The Christmas Stuff ??????
   Alright Sherlock put on the thinking cap ,put a match to the pipe ,call Dr. Watson and let's get this case solved. The last time I saw The Christmas Stuff was........................


  1. Let's start back tracking...when's the last time you saw it? When is the last time you had your pretty little hands on it?

  2. is this the same stuff that you pulled out while we were at the cottage last year? when we were doing craft shows?