Thursday, November 4, 2010


Gibberish- n. unintelligible or incoherent chatter.  Some days I just want to produce gibberish . I like the sound of gibberish. Now, I mean the sound of the word gibberish not necessarily the gibberish produced by some unnecessary conversation on nothing of matter. Know what I mean ? Some people like to ramble on about absolutely nothing . They want to take up your valuable time to chatter about things that add no value to your day. Get it ? I mean really , why talk about absolutely nothing ?  There many important subjects in the world of conversation and no time to waste vocabulary on nonsencical chatter. I think there should be some kind of guidelines when it comes to people and their voicing of words.
I like gibberish - the sound . The word --not the action. The sound of gibberish is funny -the word sound - you know what I mean? So gibber - gabber away. I like the sound of gibberish.

    Gibberish will be my bling today. Go ahead share my gibberish with someone --they may like the sound of gibberish. The word --not the action of nonsencical wording of the mouth. 

       Gibberish ---Make someone laugh !    Have a funny day --with gibberish !

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