Sunday, July 4, 2010


I remember once my husband asked me how I could listen to classical music without understanding the words.My response was the music is a language of its own that I understand from the feelings I have from what tones I hear. His question peaked an interest in me --to understand the words.
All I can say is "Thank You" to internet services.I have translated the words to a language I do understand. And to no big surprise I was getting the meanings of the songs just from the music and tones I heard. Even in Italian I could hear love in the singer"s voice. I understood pain, joy, faith and hope in vibrating tones sent through the airways for my enjoyment. Understanding the language is not a prerequisite to the meaning of a song. Emotions are carried over from the singer's experience to the listener's enjoyment. So just listen and take in Life's universal language-music.
The translations only added to what I already knew the music was trying to convey to me. Beautiful music and beautiful words give beautiful emotions.

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