Thursday, July 1, 2010


I learned a long time ago that even though I was lucky to have been born in America---Freedom comes at a price. Yes ,I was blessed to be an American and have a life of freedoms......freedom of choices....freedom to  my religious preference.....freedom to what I wanted as my lifestyle......freedom of speech(sometimes abused I admit)......freedom to love as I wish.....freedom to roam wherever..... in the words of the King of Siam from "The King and I" ......etc.,etc.,etc.,......
Another choice I make today is to not forget who paid the price for my freedoms. My grandfather, father and brother have all sacrificed so I could enjoy MY life and MY choices. The best way to thank them is to choose wisely and live honorably. To not abuse my freedoms or take for granted what I have been given.
I think "we" forget "we" are oh so lucky to be in THIS country. "We" have what many from other countries want and for most of them -will never have. I know what I have been given and I choose to use my blessings in a way as to honor ALL who helped me to this place.
Today I proclaim ---I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN .
                  My all of your July 4th celebrations Sparkle and the Bling shine brightly !
                         God Bless America and all Americans everywhere.

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