Friday, June 18, 2010


Okay --so I was setting at the computer late last night and--- POP---out goes the electricity. The wind ,I'm guessing, blew down a power line or a TREE. That has been known to happen in this area---trees blowing down. I have a large and empty hole in my front yard where the tree onced resided.

I think it is a great time to read. Yes, read---with the help of a book light. First I had to make my way to the kitchen for a candle or flashlight. Without knocking into everything along the way. And saving my toes from damage. I find a source of light and my book, with booklight, and commence to reading.

Problems. I'm alone in a dark house, no power, no lights to be seen anywhere and sounds. Lots of sounds. Blowing wind. Chimney hissing and shaking. Windows rattling. No way to get my car from the garage. Yes -I know to pull the cord and lift the door.  Not enough muscle to lift one really big door. All of that was enough . You get the picture.

The problem is---- the book is about night time monsters and creatures of the night. Let's just say  the mood was set and the book came to life. Or not to life - most of the characters are from the dead side. I like a good heart pumping fright but after a while I'd  had enough.

Then I noticed it was quieter. So I put the book down and walked outside at 4:30am. I just stood outside. Listened a while. Felt the cool breeze-the house was getting a little warm. And then I looked ---up. Oh my goodness ! The night sky was BEAUTIFUL !!  And the stars were magnificent. The night sky was a true gift.
 God has the best Bling ---ever. What Sparkle!?!

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