Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It has been a little time since I last said hello so here I am to do a little catch-up.
Not really sure where I have been or what is keeping me from talking but I'm here tonight to talk. Life is always a journey and sometimes the travel is not what we expect.  I still struggle everyday to go in a positive direction but each day I forge onward. Constantly there are obstacles. But the gift of each day is to go on. Struggle or not. Go on.
Tonight seems to be a struggle for me. I'm feeling a little alone. Friends I have had for many years appear to have gone off the radar. I guess that is just life?  But each time that happens it is painful . I don't begrudge them their own life and their journies, but abandonement is always a trip to endure. Abandonement  may be a harsh word but the feeling is the implied effect of the loss of a friend.
I think, for me, it is a painful time when a person you love chooses to not be apart of your life.Not that their journey is not important and good wishes I always have for them, but loss is always painful. I have lost a friend in the past few months-not by neglect but by their desire to go another direction that does not include me.And to them I wish only the best of Life's gifts.I will miss them ---always. Maybe one day my friend will return? That will be a true blessing.
A broken heart has a powerful grip on one's life and influences how one travels through life.
I guess the trouble is with me? How do I go foward? I always thought I had a constant place of comfort in my friend? Maybe I was selfish? Maybe I didn't see what it was my friend needed? I guess that is the question--what kind of friend was I?

I love you friend, I miss you,----I'm here ----always.

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