Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Drove -MYSELF - to Alabama from Cottage Conrad. The drive took about 11 hours - went through Texas-Louisiana-Mississippi and into Alabama. Second time in my life to drive over the Mississippi River. Very impressive. All in all a good drive. Started a little shaky when the semi -RIGHT NEXT TO ME- blew a tire. Rubber going everywhere and me going VERY,VERY fast to get away from the truck. Had to stop for a "break" for a little while but gathered my courage and drove on.

Came to Alabama to visit my brother and sister in laws. Jim and Joan. Haven't seen them in a while and had promised this trip -so here I am in Ohatchee,Alabama.

While here I have had an offer on my house in Panhandle. I want to formally give my thanks to Saint Joseph for the good work he is doing on getting the "sale-on" at that house. I have faith his influence will carry it through to SOLD. Any prayers on that are still welcome. So pray away--please.

I have always know I am one of the more "animated" members of the Conrad family, but these people I'm visiting are REALLY quiet.I'm pretty sure they are going to notice a difference when I leave. Hope they have not resended my visiting rights in the future. Time will tell -I guess.

Hope everyone has a least one animated person to share some guality time with every now and then.

Bling of the day---my brother-in-law has actually had conversations with me . I mean several sentences. Not just one word answers-how about that for some Sparkle???

Sparkle and Bling-on my ANIMATED Friend!!!

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  1. Woo Hoo - happy to hear you have an offer on the house in Panhandle. Will keep praying that it is SOLD. Glad to hear your enjoying your trip. See you in a week.