Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Been on the Go

I've been on the go lately. Making plans and moving forward.

You know ,if you've been reading, I traveled to Alabama this summer to visit my brother and sister-in-law. Had a good visit and would like to go back to see some more of Alabama. Maybe Atlanta,Georgia. I was very close. After the visit to Alabama I returned for a special wedding. My sweet pharmacy tech,Laura, got married and I would not have missed it for the world.

Oh! And most importantly the sale of the house in Panhandle. Proved to be more difficult than I imagined. The sale required a hefty plumbing bill and very anxious new buyers trying to move in before the sale.
I found it very emotionaly painful for me. I could not, nor would I, physically go back to the house.I was not ready to set foot back into the last place where I lived with Dick. One would think after almost three years feelings would not be as strong. I found that to not be the case for myself.
I walked out of that house almost a year ago and could not bring myself to go back.My sweet realtor understood and saved me many times. I could not even go back to Panhandle for the closing -it was moved to Amarillo. Some feelings just get pushed to the back of your mind (or heart) and coming running forward at unexpected times.

After all of that fun a few of my buddies and I went to Dallas for a convention and a couple of days of fun. Back to Amarillo.Then back to Cottage Conrad where my daughter Rachael ,her husband Daniel and children came for a long weekend. Some boating ,fishing and swimming.Summer fun by the lake.

We rented a pontoon ,gathered some fishing gear and headed to Lake Towakani. Around the corner from the cottage.Great time! We tried but never made all the way across the lake.I new it was large but it seem to get larger everytime we tried for the other side.After some time of trying to catch ANY fish,some sun burns and tired bodies we headed to the showers to clean-up for a good meal at Fat Katz in Terrell for Cajun food. We were all determined to eat fish somehow.Even if we couldn't catch it ourselves.

Back to Canyon. To visit the vampires and the Dracula in charge.He must have thought I was a true vampire.He didn't like my blood nor my heart. It doesn't dance to his tune.I keep trying to tell him it got broken when Dick left. He doesn't care for that answer.So I told him my heart didn't like him so it tries to run away when he comes around. He didn't like that answer either. Some people have no sense of humor.

I leave August 4th for San Antonio with my daughter Shelly. On the return trip we will stop at the Cottage.Then back to Canyon for another visit to Dracula. The following Tuesday I will take my two grandsons-Tristan and Noah- back to the Cottage for some summer lake fun.What they don't know yet is they will get to help my brother Bill clean his garage. These are the reasons old people LOVE young people. They tolerate the heat better and recover quickly from manual labor. Okay ,okay --maybe it really is because we just LOVE them.

I guess what I'm saying with all of this is my summer Sparkle and Bling is travel. And I know these are blessings. So gas up your vehicle and find your summer Sparkle and Bling. Even it is just around the corner to the park. Because the greatest Sparkle of the travel is truly the friends and family.

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