Wednesday, April 21, 2010

We're not in Kansas Dorothy !

Tornadoes----what is that all about? Don't we already deal with enough stuff here? Dodging flying cows  and old ladies on bicycles. Houses that land on the witchy ones are okay. But all the drama that comes with that may not make it worth waiting to see the Ruby Slippers. We don't all get to click our heals and go back home. Some of us stay around to clean up the mess.

I have lived through way too many tornadoes and believe me they are no fun. Scary,scary,SCARY!

Lost many things in those tornadoes. Some of my favorite things. No -not the Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music favorite things. You know things that are not replaced easily things. Nerves, security, peace, and the thought that nature is all pretty pictures. Beautiful sunsets. Glorious skies. Grand mountains. Nature is  a powerful force at times and demands respect. Tornadoes deserve respect and every chance they pop their evil head up I am respectful.

I have been in basements,dirt holes called root cellars,ditches,closets,bathrooms, under beds,mattresses,sofas, carpet and each and every time I come out with even more respect than I had before.

I once walked out of my home-through a broken window-going for help for my two brothers still in the house.I crawled over furniture, out from under carpet to get to the window and walked on the broken glass to get help. Went to many doors before someone would open and help me go back for my brothers. So believe me I have repect for tornadoes.

I don't easily go into safety. I'm somewhat like a caged animal. Walking from door to door. Window to  window. Watching the skies. Feeling the air. Smelling the atmosphere for the respect factor. But when that noticeable trait becomes aware to me and I head for shelter. You better take heed. Because it is near and screaming for respect.

There aren't any cute Lilliputians that will come singing ,taking you to the Great Oz for directions home. No Glenda the Good Witch to remind you there's no place like home, because your home is in pieces all around you. You can see for yourself it is not as it was. All the King's horses can't put it back together again. You will.

You will learn the respect factor if ever you survive a tornado. You will see first hand there is no place like your home in ruins all around. You become aware of the signs of when to duck for cover.You will miss your sense of safety. You will learn to be respectful of Nature and it's force.

              Follow the warning advice and live to Sparkle another day.

       I survived another night of tornadoes. So tomorrow I Sparkle on.

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