Thursday, April 29, 2010

Music Bling

What can I say about music? More scholarly people than I have written beautiful praises of the mysteries and powers of music. What could I possibly add?
I know first hand what music does for me. Excites me.Heals me.Comforts me.Brings me happiness and joy. Settles me into a spiritual place of peacefulness and contemplation. See the powers of music? Hear the powers of music?
I envy people with musical abilities. My ability is listening. I appreciate what I hear. I understand the meanings of the tones and feel the powerful emotions they invoke.
I remember a conversation with Dick one day as I was listening to classical music sung by Andrea Bocelli. Dick asked me why I listened to a language I couldn't understand? What could I get from the song, not knowing what was being said ? My only response was I felt the music. I could understand the joy and sorrow by the music. I felt the emotions inferred by the music. He could not understand what I was saying and I could not understand why he didn't hear what I could hear in the music.
Music speaks of faith, love, anger, power, greed, hatred, pain, joy, sorrow, hope, renewal, fear, courage,despair and on and on.  Music speaks to my heart. I listen with my heart.
I cannot imagine an existence without music. My world would be missing a major Sparkle.

Music creates a Sparkle in my life. My Bling today is my Ipod and the Sparkle it brings me.

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