Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today's Bling Sponsered by Keylime

Okay I know some may not be in the same mind set as I when it comes to today's topic but it is just in good fun. DRINKING !! You know sometimes you just need a stiff drink to get through the day. Some days are "I hate the World" days, some are" I have noone to Love me"days, some days say" Things Suck" and then there are those days when "A Drink Would Be Good".Haven"t had a buzz in a while so lets head to the bar for a good one. Some buzzes come from beer.Some buzzes come from Wild Turkey 101 and Coke.Rum and Cokes are good .Cabo Wabo is great but today's buzz was sponsered by a new friend --KEYLIME MARTINI....mmmmmmmmmmmm good. Like a dessert !!  I found this new drink in Royse City ,Texas at the Fish Camp restaurant . New food spot and will most likely be around for some time. Good food (although Rockwall's Zanata was number one for this trip) good atmosphere and a great drink. I'll be back---for sure. One thing you need to know is the Fish Camp isn't located in the city. You must drive into the country. Down two lane small country roads to this place,but worth the drive. Just remember you have to drive back out of the country after your Keylime martinis. Some days are worth the touble to find a new Bling and today's Bling was that Keylime Martini. It made me Sparkle-hehehe. So tip your glass and get your Sparkle on.

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