Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time Line

I sometimes sit and wonder what I have done with my life? Do you ever do that and think -what have I accomplished? I've been blessed in so many areas but -still-what is my "Thing" to leave the world that says I was here? Something to add to life that I did? Hopefully my life is for the betterment of humankind? I always "TRIED" to be a good person. I admit I ,at times, fell short of the good part.I would then make an effort to correct the not so good . I don't attempt to cheat or abuse anyone. (My children may argue that.) Fair treatment for myself is what I wanted and would do the same for others. Charitable and not only when I was "flush" with income. Perhaps what I could offer was me and time--you can imagine with 6 children--but I made the offer.Tried to teach these traits to my children and show them we were fortunate in many aspects of our lives. These are treatments in which all peoples are entitled. I will never be a great artist ,literary scholar nor cure any diseases but I have done these following ....... 
Marry@ 16, Mother@ 17 , Homeowner @ 22 ,  Mother of 6@ 34 ,  Montessori teacher@ 36 , Grandmother@ 37, Orphaned @ 41, Married 25 years@ 42, Owned first Business@ 43 ,Widowed@ 55, Grandmother to 13@ 55, and Would have been married for 41years@ 58. My life has not always had Sparkle. It was a struggle at times ,as is everyone's. But---it is my life and many Sparkles came out of my life. No great inventions have I given to the world and my name will not be in books, but I WAS here and will remain through the ones I leave behind.  If you were born and lived then you have added another Treasure to this planet-Earth. You are a Sparkle to someone and you have placed a Bling in their life.

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  1. Prissy how do you always know what to say that hits home. Thanks I needed to read this today! Love you.