Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are These Sparkles !?!?!?

Can one say one's taxman is a Sparkle???? I'm a little confused on that. I like my accountant and he does many wonderful things for me but he also comes with a bill. I was just able, Monday, to leave all of my tax "stuff" with him and am expecting an extention filed on my taxes for 2009. How much fun is that--to wait even longer to hear the bad (hopefully good) news on my taxes? Did I have enough deductions and/or any credits? It's enough to make a crazy person sane ! Who was in charge of this financial time of year? Don't THEY know we just had Christmas and other holidays--our pockets are empty and credit cards maxed! On top of Uncle Sam's hand always open now we deal with insurance. Vehicle , property and the even forced upon us HEALTH insurance. The trouble is we need all of these! Who will fix the brokeness of all our treasures if we didn't have insurance ? Who would help care for us more SEASONED beings if not for insurance-goodness knows there will be no governmental help. They don't have any money either. I think I will go on the search for a witch doctor. At least I can expect a cure or my head shrunk enough my headache will be gone. So I guess what I want out of this deal with insurance and taxes is to not have to pay(unlikely) or maybe a refund that could help with the insurance. What else is there to do but fret over insurance and taxes?Another thing I would like is for any of you Sparkles reading this to say it will be Okay. We are not alone at this time of year. I think Noah's boat was smaller than the one we are all in now. Everyone grab your oars and let's row the *#^#@* out of here.  Sparkle on my over taxed fellow Blingers.

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