Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sparkles That Make You Think

Sometimes I fall into a place that is not a Sparkle . You know what I mean --things like anger,sadness ,grief  ,despair..... any of these, and more, take us to places where we need a Sparkle that brings us UP. My  family and friends have been that Sparkle I needed and I rejoice in having them in my life. But...there are times I find Sparkles in other places. Music ,art ,nature's beauty  and written word. I love those days when I become aware of something in the world that seems to send a message directly at me. A phrase from a song - beautiful art work - a quote... you know--- that moment when you realize that was meant for you. Just what you needed to make the directional change toward your Sparkle. Faith is a huge SPARKLE. I have faith in my God . Faith in His promises to us. Faith in knowing He loves me and always will. Faith in He is everywhere and always available. Faith that He is with me even when I choose to not see Him. I confess I been very "blind" for the past two to three years, for these years have truly been a struggle. My pain has hardened me at times and lead me down the crooked road. But I believe ! I hope! I wait in faith of God's love for me. My "SPARKLE" is on the other side of this life. I will find all of the Sparkles that wait for me.My Sparkles that left this world for the most beautiful  of all Sparkles......... I have faith and believe.   "My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at His feet." Mahatma Ghandi-----So no matter if your Bling has flaws, put it on and be pretty. Go out and Sparkle.


  1. How do you always know what to say? This is just what I needed today. Luv you!

  2. Wow! I have felt this way for days!! I feel dumb sitting here crying now but it has to be released sometime...thank you!

  3. what a beautiful thing to share! Hugs!