Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Modern Technology

Okay I remember the days when I was the one in this family who the "TECHIE ". Give it to me and I would "hook" you up. Now I really feel my age because the technology is kicking my A-- . Not a shining moment in my life.So my only  course of action is to call upon the younger generation to carry my old and decrepit self into the "New Age" of electronics. And my "Bling" for today is my son-in-law  Daniel. I am now the proud owner of a Blu Ray DVD player,surround system in one room and a VERY COOL sound bar in the other TV veiwing area. Very home theater here. This is extremely important because I am a movie FREAK. Not too much of a "Chick" flick person --I want action,drama,science fiction and SCARY movies. The sound guality is most important in scary movies because that ,to me, is a large part of the scare. Take out the sounds and some horror flicks are nothing. Pearl Harbor without the planes and explosions would be dissapointing. So sound is GOOD and good sound for movies-in the immortal words of Tony the Tiger-is "GREAT!".  My Sparkle is provided by Daniel -he gave me my "Bling" today. "Bling"on my Pretties !

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