Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cottage Conrad

I have a little cottage I get to run off to every so often. A little house by a lake in the Dallas area. It is a good place for me.A place I rest and regroup.As any place it needs a little work and improvements.To date the improvements have consisted of new kitchen and bathroom cabinets , new tile flooring , new texture in many rooms and there is still a list of things yet to do.Lots of trees and deck in the back for quiet times with a good cup of coffee and resting.Neighbors are close enough and yet hidden in the trees so as to not be intrusive.Walking distance to the lake along quiet rambling roads. It is my comfort place from the times and troubles of the last couple of years. I will be taking a few of my friends to visit in a couple of days and share this place with people I love. I hope they find it welcoming and enjoy their stay. Remember to Bling today and go out into the world and Sparkle.


  1. I can't wait to visit. Knowing you I know this home will be comforting and welcoming.

  2. I'm with Freddie - I can't wait to visit and after the week I'm having can't wait for some down time with great friends and a quiet place to regroup. Thanks for having us.