Friday, March 19, 2010

Here we Cottage Conrad

It is truly over the river and through the woods to grandma's cottage we go.We will have a short delay in Wichita Falls ,Texas for class then , as Willie Nelson sings "On the Road Again" to the Dallas area. Scrappin' ,craftin',eatin',drinkin', and Hell raisin' good time for a few days at the cottage. Freddie ,Tammy and I have been waiting for this weekend and are oh-so ready. Just a reminder to them to bring their 3D glasses for the full "Alice in Wonderland" visual effect for the glorious surroundings.The magic is in the glasses.For all of you who have seen "Alice" the joke is my cottage is the same as the beautiful castle and the veiw from the balcony but only if you are wearing your "Magic " glasses. So we drink the magic potion (usually dirty martinis),put on our "Blinged" out magic glasses , head for the rabbit hole (Cottage Conrad) and enjoy the adventures. We will hold each other up and Sparkle together in our Wonderland. There's no place like home...... oh ? that's an adventure for another time...different weekend-my bad. Go out and Sparkle all of you Magical Creatures.

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