Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sparkle From A Bottle

Just had a very enjoyable evening with Freddie,Amber -Richie and children with my son Spence serving at Texas Roadhouse in Mesquite,Texas. It was not as much fun on the long ride to the Cottage but we made it safely. Freddie and I met a young man this evening recovering from a car accident. He recounted his wreck and the ongoing recovery. But he mostly spoke of the young woman who chose to stay with him and I think to his amazement. I am always taken aback by what people cherish and hold up and admire. He had released her from any other obligations but she wanted to support him and be apart of his care. I saw love  and began to miss what I had lost just two years earlier. They reminded me of what my Richard gave me and I was able to have that again through them. We went in to simply have a few drinks and look at what we got instead? Sparkles are truly everywhere. Hold your Sparkles close --for one day they will go through other doors at some time in their lives. Sometimes we are not allowed to follow. Damaged , broken , struggling -we all come ,at some time ,to see the important things in this world and tonight I saw one---LOVE. Love makes us all Sparkle and with that we are all beautiful.

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