Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Pretty day in Blingville

I'm so Pretty-Oh so pretty-I feel pretty or however the song goes...... we are all pretty after a Mary Kay party at my house and my friend Lydia does a great presentation. We washed ,exfoliated ,tightened ( and man some of us need tightening),hydrated and SPACKLED our way to BEAUTIFUL. Lydia wanted to know my skin type-oily or dry after which I stated I was "as dry as a cow skull in the desert".So we moisturised! She wanted to know my facial cleaning regimen and again my evil sarcastic humor had to respond with a" sand blaster".So we moistured and applied a nightly collagen treatment. She asked about foundation makeup and before I could stop it my humor said" I only use spackle." You know the stuff you find in hardware stores used to fill in the holes. Maybe my humor was greatly enhanced by a few (yes a few!) glasses of wine. But we all Sparkled so after our fantastic beauty treatments. Good friends -good food-good wine and beauty treatments what more does one need to Bling it up ? So much Bling and so many to share it with. 

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