Saturday, March 27, 2010

Inner Diamond

"I am a diamond -cannot be broken ." Words from a song by Antigone Rising. I believe this song is saying we are all made of stronger stuff than we give ourselves credit.The world is full of other things that try ,daily,to make us think otherwise.We are not smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, and not worthy of someone else's time or love. The unique things that make us individuals is the "Diamond" inside us. God gave this as a gift to us. The Sparkle that is only ours. Not our mother's ,not our father's nor society's -our's alone.Life drags us along behind it at times , we weaken and loose faith in ourselves but the Sparkle of our Diamond is always present . Dust off your Diamond and Sparkle because "You are a Diamond" and will not be broken. Your Sparkle is unique and has a beautiful "Shine". And you are worthy !!!

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