Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Have Returned

I have been gone for some time but I'm baaack! Man have things changed since last I was here. I have sold all of my houses, well except for the one that burned. Yep BURNED! Lost everything in the house. I have been trying to salvage items, but alas they seem to crumble under the pressure of restoration. But such is life...so they say. I choose to move on, because if I dwell in the thoughts of what has been lost. I would go insane.  I know you can't take it with you. You're more important that the house and the things inside. But really !?! A house fire! Enough of that business.

I have bought another house (close to the one that was destroyed) and that took almost a year. My dear, sweet, loving son opened his home to me. Gave me a bed and a place to call home for several months after the fire. We are so compatible, which made it easier during the investigation of cause and insurance payout process. Man that business is a ROYAL pain in the....you know where! But even that adventure came to an end. So I now have a new home, new furniture, new clothes, and a new story to tell that happened during my life.

So as I said I choose to move on. I could dwell in that bitter place of "Why me" ,but I don't want to linger there. So ahead I go. Life is way too short to look backwards. Sometimes there is too much pain in the "backwards".  The light of what can be is ahead. I want to go "into the light".

So for my forward motion I will be "showing and telling" about some new art adventures I'm enjoying so very much. And if my lazy side doesn't get the best of me, I'll show the process pictures.

One of my new interests is something in the mixed media world called ICAD. Index Card A Day....ICAD is art on...you got it... index cards. Everyday index cards. I have chosen to use the 4x6 unlined index cards. This new media is cheap and if it is a bust ,no big loss. Just grab another card and start again. Paint ,draw ,collage ,doodle whatever calls to your creative side that day. How fun is that!?!  So let me show you my first card.....

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  1. I know you got my creative juices flowing sister!