Sunday, April 15, 2012

Staring At The Mess

Staring at the mess I've made.......that is an understatement!
Packing ,moving ,packing ,moving ,still more packing and more moving! I'm ready for the unpacking and settling in part of this adventure. But still more packing ,sorting ,handing down ,giving away ,garage selling ,throwing away parts to accomplish. Uprooting and moving is a many faceted jewel to add to your crown of life. My crown is begining to be too heavy to wear. So I'm settling into the cottage by the lake and burrowing deeper to make my home ready for family and friends.
New traditions await to intergate into this Conrad family. And they will come alive at Cottage Conrad.
At this moment of blogging, I'm watching the rain falling through the many trees around Cottage Conrad ,sitting in silence and knowing this was a good decision. I do love my little cottage in the woods. Come visit and you may love it too.

Yes there is still work to be done before it is a showcase home ,but my vision is vast and I see the home it will be. The work ,for me, is part of the pleasure of this little cottage. Putting my touch on it. When you come to visit you will see me in the house and surroundings. Please come? I will be here waiting for you.

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