Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spirit Girls

I have had this idea running around in my head for some time now. A series of drawings using mixed media to bring them to life. I started with a drawing of a girl- the basic concept for my other girls. I wanted to use several types of media to build these beauties. I am very excited to see where this leads me.

"Serenity" is the first Spirit Girl to come to life for me. She lives in this beautiful "Spirit World". Where magnificant colors are everywhere. Peaceful feelings reside. A loving and welcoming environment. A place I will visit whenever I look at this piece of art. I hope you see the same as you look upon this first peek at the world in my head.

I have drawn this world of Serentiy's and Serenity also . Watercolors were used to paint the vivid elements of her world. 3D embellishments are used to give this place "Bling". Her dress is a beautiful patterned paper.

The "Sparkle" of this Spirit Girl is the contentment I enjoyed bringing Serenity and her Spirit world to life. I hope you enjoy this the first of these Spirit Girls.

                 My crown is in my heart ,
                  not on my head ,
                 Nor decked with diamonds
                  and Indian stones ,
                 Nor to be seen :
                 My crown is called  CONTENT :
                 A crown it is , that seldom kings enjoy .
                                             William Shakespeare

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