Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scratchings on the Paper

So about a year ago I thought I would pick up the drawing pad and my pencils again just to see what I could still do. Oh! man let me tell you my skills were sorely lacking. Shading,depth,dimensions, design, just about anything to do with drawing - let's just say - was in rusty shape. But onward I ventured . Every - I mean EVERY- time I picked up the drawing tools I was becoming more and more discouraged. Then the words I tell everyone that says to me " I can't " began ringing in my own ears. Art is art if you like and enjoy what you do . That is what makes it art. It is your art. Something you can do that gives a feeling to someone else. Invokes an emotion in the veiwer. Expresses a feeling the artist was trying to give to others. " There are no mistakes in art." 

Yes, we all have varying skill levels. Daily my skills change. Some days ,let's say, are better than others. Some days the tree actually LOOKS like a tree. Some days are more abstract. I call those my Picasso days.

What this all means is I enjoy drawing and I enjoy art. The feelings I need to work through. The feelings I want to express. These come from some place in me where I want to say something about who I am . A place ,where I know, I want my family and friends to experience something that makes me feel alive. I want to give back to the world. Even my small talent has worth in this world. We all have something that is part of us that we want to share with others. I want to share the beauty of the art world.

Art is more than seeing a pretty picture. Art is alive in us. Whether you draw, paint, play music, sing or can build- that is art. You are art. We are The Creator's art pieces. All art is beautiful and we are all beautiful.

Art is my Sparkle. I am - we are - The Creator's Bling in the world. We all shine and sparkle.

Look at something today and look for the beauty of it. Sense the feeling it gives you. Enjoy it for what it is - a piece of art.

Oh, I almost forgot to say that some of my skills are improving. I still have much room for improvement. But, to me, that is part of the beauty of art- the journey to that next level. I must get back to my scratchings on the paper so I can reach another level.

Pssst.....someday I'll share one of those scratchings with you. But let me practice a little longer.

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