Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Fever

Not sure where this is going but read on and let's go together.

I see signs of spring all around --blossoms --new life--longer days. You'll notice the change in people's clothes and attitudes. Excitement and feeling freer of spirit. Enjoyment of nature. Anticipation of upcoming trips and vacations. Many outside activities. Family gatherings. Spring cleaning. LOVE.

But to say LOVE is in the AIR is an understatement. You can feel that. It's everywhere. The birds and bees are doing it. Everyone falls in love during spring. So what if it is in varying degrees? Hand holding and intimate eye contact is noticeable just about anywhere you may be. Soft touches and caresses are what everyone craves. To know you have connected with someone in one the most intimate and intense moment of shared feelings is a blessing. So what if it is only Puppy Love...or Summer Love....or even short lived Love? Love is Love and no matter how it comes to you or for how long --it is a blessing. Something to be a Bling and a Sparkle to wear for how ever long. Enjoy your Love. If Love brings good and warm feelings of happiness--how can that not be a blessing?

There are many things and people that want to take that from you. But you fight for it. They just have not been blessed with Love and don't know how it feels. Or they would know the treasure it is and leave you to enjoy yours.I know some in this world have never had true love. Life had been hard for them. Then it becomes our duty( not sure that is the correct word--maybe pleasure) to give them Love. A handout is a sign for someone needing Love. Sometimes screams and cries are a signs. Love comes in many sizes and as I said before varying degrees. It doesn't take much to show Love. Start with a smile and hello. Just show some Love to anyone.

Love for me has been in many forms. Friends. Family. Stangers. But the one that stays with me until I die is the Love Richard gave me. I still receive signs of love everyday but every day I still remember that Love. I get the same rush of feelings and emotions when I see any couple showing affection to each other.  We don't always let the world see the closeness we have with one another,but if you have ever really connected you both know it is special. That is what I remember and still feel-everyday. I see it in others.

The first time you meet each other . The warm excitement of the first touch. That sweet tender first kiss. The longing to be together and the heartache when you are not.  Anticipated phone calls or if you are older -the letters. Making plans for a life together. Finally together. Then plans for that life as it changes. Then the end comes for one of you and all of those feelings and memories stay with the survivor. Spring comes again and renews those feelings and memories. Age nor death takes those away.

So I change the clothing I wear , enjoy nature , anticipate trips and vacations , have family gatherings , do my spring cleaning , but mostly I remember LOVE.  Put on your Love Bling and share it someone--anyone. We all need a little Sparkle in the Springtime.

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