Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Flowers

The Bling this week is my daughter Rachael's graduation from college.  Fwoooo and in the famous words of Madea ....." Halleluiarrrrrr......halleluiarrrr. "! Good job Rachael. All the fretting and worrying for nothing.You are such an intelligent person --I always knew you could do this .Even with two children and a job. Now you get to captain your own ship--sort of. I guess we all still have bosses in our lives but you get to choose the ship on which you sail . You Sparkle and shine with the best of them Baby Girl. Now go out and share your Bling (education) with the masses.

This family is celebrating a high school graduate and four university graduates and two of those are masters. Pretty good May flowers don't you think?

Other blooms in the garden are all the mothers who celebrated Mother's Day. There are five -no six ( I forgot myself oops!) mothers in this family who were honored this past Sunday. My beautiful girls have brought me wonderful grandchildren,with the help of some darn good son-in-laws, that I cherish everyday. Let's just say that when everyone is together it takes a really BIG vase for all the blossoms and a lot of fertalizer. That's a pretty good May flower bouquet too.

May God continue to bless this family and may we always remember from where our blessings come. Even the thorns can be blessings -just a little harder to hold onto. I have a song I listen to when I think the thorns in my life are too hard to hold onto -"To Make Me Who I Am" by Aaron Neville. "It took me who I was and where I've been to make me who I am."  It is who I was and where I've been that has made me the person I am today. The thorns in my life have directed some of those changes. I still change everyday. Don't forget to water the flowers of your life so they Bling and Sparkle on into the future. You can survive the thorns.

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