Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Through the Other Side...

These are just a few things that followed us into the Rabbit Hole. We had a great time in the class in Wichita Falls with Debby Schuh  from New York. Beautiful projects and  great atmosphere in which to work  at Scrapbook N' Such. Thanks Terrie and the shopping is always good also. We get into Wichita Falls just before the snow from which we were running when we left Amarillo. Running away never works- the snow can "run" also and we wake to snow Saturday . So after class we head for Cottage Conrad in the Dallas area thinking the snow we could miss again --WRONG! Waking up Sunday to several inches of snow the only thing to do is have breakfast-biscuits and gravy - thanks to Tammy--yum,yummmmm. Dinner with my brother "Uncle Bill" and  Rhonda , Spence, Amber and hubby Richey with Jaycie and Bryce, Freddie and myself -great and fun time. Then back to the Cottage for  "CRAFTING"! Monday we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and on to Waxahachie to visit The Crafty Scrapper--a great scrapbook store. We headed back to Dallas to Harry Hines on a mission to find blankets for my friend Kathy only to be told..." no more blankets. " Many very dissappointed people. These are really good blankets at a great price. Oh well maybe next blanket season ? Tuesday ,Freddie and I will take Tammy to the airport- for that lucky chickie will fly home and miss the 7 hour drive back to the Texas panhandle. (the drive will give Freddie and I time to TALK about how LUCKY Tammy was to fly home).  We will have extra time at the Cottage for more scrappin' and that's always good. My Bling this weekend was good friends ,good times, my family and time for a hobby I greatly enjoy. So I will "SPARKLE" for many days and be beautiful because of all of these Treasures.  Shine on all of you Beauties---you could be the Bling that makes someone else SPARKLE.
How could I ever have forgotten that Tammy was also with us for dinner ? My most humble apologies to my dear friend. Sorry "Chief" ,I would never intentionally leave you out . My bad!!

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