Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hey,Hey-I Made it Back !

Well look at me go.I logged out and logged back in and on just a couple of hours of sleep.My friend posted today about him sleeping in and how unusual that is for him. Which is sooo true.! So as he was getting up late I was just in my second hour of sleep. And as usual my phone began to ring (no one for me of course-telemarketers) and so the little sleep time for me. Just so you know I almost always tell them (telemarket people) that the person they wish to speak to has died. Not too many return calls- hahahah !!!  Maybe that will be my constant response from today on?   Don't forget to put on your "Bling" and be pretty . My "Bling" today is my friend Freddie. We share many things in common and today he is the thing in my life that sparkles. Thank you Freddie.

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  1. A tear came to my eye...especially after being accused of being the meanest person alive. I have to realize I can't fix everybody. I have to stand strong for myself and know what I do is me and me alone. Thanks for the honor! Love ya!