Friday, August 12, 2011

Love Letters

I have started a new project. Love letters to my children.Very "Old School" I know.No technology here-just heart and soul. Love letters. Something they can hold or touch when I'm not around. Some may think it morbid, but I know from experience it is nice to have a tangible object to touch at times. Something that has been touched by someone you love can make you feel close to them.
 I want to leave behind something that shows them who I am. Words in my own handwriting, Words I think are important. Thoughts I have had-thoughts I think would mean something to them. Messages of life. How hard life can be. How glorious life can be. Words that may inspire.
I don't have special insight as to what comes after this life. I just know every once in awhile you may need to connect to someone who has gone before you. To feel again they were here.To know you did not imagine them.
I personally believe in an afterlife. I can't survive the loss of someone I love and not believe I can be with them again after I leave this life. I want my children to know I will be waiting on the other side for them. I believe love connects us to each other on all planes of existance. God would not give us such a strong bond, as love, for it to fade away when we die. He died for us and loves us still. Why then would not our love go on after us?
This belief is what helps me to survive. To get up each day and move forward. To try to live each day. I know I will be, again , with everyone who went before me. So for my children,all of them, I move forward everyday. Some days they are small steps , but forward I go. I want to be on the otherside waiting for them. I want them to have comfort in knowing I am there waiting. So love letters I write. Connections I make. Hope I spread. Love I share.

After all they are the "Bling" in my life that Sparkles.


  1. Call me a cry baby but this entry is awesome! I had to read it twice because I started crying through it the first time. What a treasure they will have.

  2. Freddie , it touched your heart so because you understand the intimate connection to someone gone from your life.But mostly because you have such a good and caring heart.