Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Joy of Giving

You know that feeling you get when someone takes the time to get you a gift? When out of their busy schedule they think of you -make the effort for you? Good feeling to know someone cares for you that much-huh? Just to know someone cares is enough and can be the gift in itself.

Well there is another feeling for the gift giver just as satisfying. To see or hear the happiness you have given to another. The recognition shown by them that you care. You made an effort on their behalf. I think that the giver's feelings could possibly be more emotional. Nothing like that quiver that runs through your heart that says you love someone and showed them you love them. By a very simple act of thinking of them. The simple act of giving -instead of receiving.  What's that saying? "Tis more blessed to give than receive."

But you know that by the giving you also have received. So give from your heart and you too will receive. So how could any of us loose? If we are all willing to lovingly give to one another?

This is my simple act of giving to two I love . A small gesture of my feelings for these dear friends on their shared B-Days. Happy B-Day and enjoy. You are my Bling and you make me Sparkle.
                                    For Tammy and Freddie.

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  1. This is a cherished gift I will keep forever! Thank you! Love you!!