Friday, June 24, 2011

One of My Sparkle Places

One of my Sparkles is drawing and painting. I am no artist but I do enjoy being able to do a little drawing. They, the pictures, always put a smile on my face. Some of my skills are coming back. I really have a long way to go but it puts me in a good place. I hope you enjoy the ones you see here. Sorry , you may be subjected to more in the future. Anyway here is my Bling today.

The first painting is Esmeralda and her friend Edmund is in the making. My next friend is Francine. She is hosting a party in her apartment. Maybe Esmeralda and Edmund will arrive soon.

I hope you enjoy my new friends and will come back every once in a while to see their new friends as they come to life. Sparkle on and show your Bling.

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