Monday, May 23, 2011

More Crafties

I wanted to share a couple of examples of other projects of mine. Here in Amarillo is a lovely shop where you can paint your own ceramic pieces- Brush with Art. Freddie and I enjoy going in the afternoons to relax and get creative. While there one afternoon I found my dishes to paint. A couple of plates I wanted to use as jewelry trays. Though I found what needed painting I was having a difficult time as to what design to paint. Then it hit me !!!! You know , one of those slap on the forehead - V-8 kind of moments. I had the perfect pattern on my dress. So inspired by my dress I painted this sushi plate.

This second plate was painted on another day. I was inspired by a Fossil canvas purse. I loved the birds and the beautiful - bright colors. Don't they Sparkle? I hope you enjoy the "Bling" that makes me "Sparkle".

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