Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Can You Say Transition??????

Okay, yes I know it's a little difficult to look at right now but it will get better. My techie friend Tammy and I were trying a new look for my blog and we WARPED into this blogging wormhole and we are a little stuck. It is suppose to be easy. Yea - right- easy for me to mess up what was there. What happened was......... we changed the background, somewhat, but can't change the color.

I know "THEY" say .." all good things come to those who wait".....well I'm a little tired of waiting. Waiting for my life to get back on track. Waiting for those who said they love me to mean it. Waitng to sell my house so I can move- and move forward.  Waiting for a new president. Waiting, waiting-waiting.  Well I'm tired of it and I'm not going to take it any more !!!!!
Hold on - can you wait a minute? I'll be right back.....wait a minute.....hold on.......wait.....almost.....I'm coming.......wait...wait...wait......almost finished.....on my way......

      See-- it is not any fun having to wait.

But really and truly, if you can hold on a little while longer, this blog will be repaired and looking and running as good as new. You just have to wait a little longer.

My Bling is your kind patience until all the Sparkle shines again.. Thank you and please come back.

               I'll wait for you.


  1. Will have time tonight to look at this thing some more so keep holding on. LOL

  2. The wait is over - it's fixed! Woo Hoo!!!!